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eTap2hw Flowchart

Postby Echotapper » Sun May 03, 2015 10:14 am

A Steve's developed flowchart showing the deliverables of eTap2hw in a more concised way. The blue coloured part is the eTap2hw core delivery, being my design in 3 flavours to support triodes/stompbox/FET based offerings. The red coloured parts are the different deliverables presently available through multiple, project based, initiatives.

Thank Steve!!


note: this flowcart does not address the automation and MIDI control function for clarity reasons.

Re: eTap2hw Flowchart

Postby dave robinson » Sun May 03, 2015 11:06 am

Dave Robinson
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dave robinson
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Re: eTap2hw Flowchart

Postby keithmantle » Sun May 03, 2015 1:46 pm

Explanation please Steve for us knob heads who plugin/play, I have a eccamatic two valve soon to be upgraded with new update.
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Re: eTap2hw Flowchart

Postby scmitche » Sun May 03, 2015 9:22 pm

keithmantle wrote:Explanation please Steve for us knob heads who plugin/play, I have a eccamatic two valve soon to be upgraded with new update.

Hi Keith,
I have PM'd you to try to explain the differences of this Flowchart versus your Eccamatic 2-valve.

Basically what Piet is saying about my Standard Etap2HW Flowchart is that he looks after all the Blue part, which is the core Digital Signal Processor echo generator for the various emulations, e.g. the recently announced Halo upgrade.

The Red parts are all the analogue signal sections, which have been constantly improved by the "team" over the last 18 months, improving harmonics generation, setting close to Meazzi frequency response including improved headroom, a proper bass cut, lowering noise and adding an output level control to improve flexibility for connection to different amplifiers or recording devices.
This analogue section has been filled by both solid-state and modified 2-valve preamplifier versions and have proved incredibly close to each other in performance. A 3-position switchable bass response has been tried by Philip Hawthorne and Rolf Homberg recently to good effect in their modified 2-valve units and could easily be incorporated into the solid-state unit in the near future. Philip's and Rolf's modifed valve based units can be seen on Philip's blog, address below.

On top of this there is the Philip Hawthorne Automation to add fixed and user modifiable patches, MIDI control, push button and/or footswitch patch change, Live editing etc. Full details are on Philip Hawthorne's Echotapper Wordpress blog.

Hope this helps clarify where the Etap2HW has been improved and hopefully will keep improving.
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