Question for Piet: eTap2hw -- Meazzi Echomatic - II bank

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Question for Piet: eTap2hw -- Meazzi Echomatic - II bank

Postby Bojan » Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:22 am

Piet, I remember you saying that when you had some time you would explain the subtle differences in the MODE settings in program 3 on the eTap2hw, in other words, the emulation of the Meazzi Echomatic - II bank . . . After months of using the eTap2hw I have found that program 5, (Meazzi Echomatic II) can be set up to sound like program 3, and in fact, for many of the songs that I used program 3, I now use program 5, because I just think it sounds slightly better, but I would still like to know what the differences are in the various MODE combinations in program 3. To my ears there is no difference, but Piet claims there is and I know he must be right, so I would like to know what those difference are. No hurry Piet, when you have the time. :)

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