Wiring Diagram for Burns Bison 64 (Original)

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Wiring Diagram for Burns Bison 64 (Original)

Postby Maltese » Sun May 03, 2015 12:35 pm

Hello friends, I am in the process of restoring an original 1964 Burns Bison. It was left in a room in a field for many, many years and it's going to be quite a challenge. I restored many of the parts and also purchased some new ones but I am finding it impossible to acquire a wiring diagram. Can anybody help, please. The Guitar has; (3 Single Coil Pups) (TWO-3 Way Slider Selector Switches) (One Volume and TWO tone) Thanks and regards.

Re: Wiring Diagram for Burns Bison 64 (Original)

Postby Ian Miller » Tue May 05, 2015 8:25 am


You really need to post your request here: viewforum.php?f=20
This for Burns guitars.
This section is only for the ETAP2HW project.


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Re: Wiring Diagram for Burns Bison 64 (Original)

Postby ErikMAMS » Tue May 05, 2015 10:27 am

Anthony - watch your PM

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