Club Meeting

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Club Meeting

Postby daydreamer8355 » Wed Aug 26, 2015 3:08 pm

Hi All

Sorry haven't been on here for awhile, but i had an e-mail from somebody asking if the Devon & West-Country Shadows Club were still running, the answer is yes we are still running, and doing well, the meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month from January till November, and Decembers meeting is on the first Sunday of the month, because we found it was easier to do it then than to try and fit it in between the Schools Christmas plays.

So to make things easy to remember:

January till November is the Second Sunday of the month
December is the First Sunday of the month

If you want any further information please e-mail me at
or just pop into the club on one of the meetings you will be made very welcome.

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