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Postby dave34346 » Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:57 pm

Hi , Im new to this site , ( just joined )
So , i thought i would post some information about myself.
My name is Dave
I am 55 years young.
My intrests are Music , playing Shadows tunes with my friend Ron , our name is The Ghost Riders, we have been playing gigs for a few years now , and we love what we do.
We dont do gigs for the money , we play them because we love what we do, and enjoy it very much.
We were recently joined by a vocalist which gives us another dimension to our playing.
My gear consists of

Guitar ,,, 1997 Jap Hank Marvin Sig Strat in Fiesta Red 57/62 pups
Amp,,, Vox AC 30cc, with Greenbacks
FX,,,,,,, Alesis Quadraverb GT with Echoes From The Past
AKG Wireless system
Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal
Volume pedal ,
Various other guitars include 3 strats.
Gretsch Duo Jet 6128t

I am also an Administrator on a Shadows based site, anyone wanting more info on that ,, please PM me .
Anyway , thats enough of me for now ,,
Hope to enjoy the forum .

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Re: Hello

Postby Paul Creasey » Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:10 pm

Welcome, Dave.
Hope you enjoy it here!
Glad to hear that you "get out and do a bit" - there's more to this "Keeping The Shads sound alive" than twiddling knobs (Oooh-er, Missus!! :oops: ) in the privacy of your own "home studio". Like you and your mate Ron, we ("Life Story" - our family Band) do it just for the hell of it, as well as raising a bob-or-two for good causes. We even did a gig in your neck of the woods - well Beamish actually - last January. :roll:
As I'm "only a Drummer", details of your gear (apart from the Strat - my son, also Dave, has a similar model) are way above my head, but I'm sure that one of the "techies" around here will be along soon! ;)
Keep up the good work, and have a very merry Christmas.
Paul :wave:
Paul Creasey
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Re: Hello

Postby dave34346 » Fri Dec 23, 2011 4:53 pm

Hi Paul, Thanx for the welcome message , and i know all about the Beamish gig you did ,,
We were asked to play in the same venue and on the same day , but seeing as your band were due to play , we declined the offer ,, oh well , nevermind .
We thought that having 2 bands playing Shadows music would have been a bit over the top ,
I know Twang46 ( Dick) who helped organise the event pretty well , he sometimes comes up to the club where we practice to see us play .
He is also a member on our Shadows site, (no plug intended).
Anyway ,, thanx again Paul ,, nice to be here.

Posts: 61
Joined: Thu Dec 22, 2011 1:00 pm
Location: Durham, England
Full Real Name: David Stones

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