Well I am here like it or not !!

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Re: Well I am here like it or not !!

Postby tonykiek » Tue Feb 22, 2011 8:32 am

Hi Ian,

I think I met you at an Adelaide Shads Clulb jam session (I think it might have been at your home) about 8 years ago. I was a co-founder of the club with Ian Sanders (a.k.a. Hank Margoon), I recollect we had our first club "meeting" in a rehearsal studio somewhere in Wayville. I used to jam a bit (on keyboard) and swap backing tracks with Ian when he lived in Christies Beach before I moved to Sydney in 2002. He's a fabulous player, c.f. his backing of Sir Cliff at the Rio Tennis at Memorial Drive a few years ago. I gather he's no longer in the club either ?

Anyway, welcome aboard. Perhaps you could PM me as I'd really like to know what's happened to the ASC.

Tony Kiek
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Re: Well I am here like it or not !!

Postby TimothyMartin » Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:18 pm

To set the record straight re:

"Hi Risky
sad to say that Adelaide club is not well supported. Unfortunately it has been taken over by the wrong person and is rapidly going nowhere, I rarely attend myself and just do my own solo gigs as and when they arise.
It is sad because when we formed it about 5 years ago it had potentiol but when people loose sight of the goal and basically have there own agendas thats what happens.


Just FYI, I attended the first gathering and a following first playing session at which an Ian Saunders I think it was, who headed up a Shadows cover band attended. I have attended most sessions since but have not seen or heard of Ian Saunders again. Together with a few other inaugural gatherees, including Ian above, we have played mostly Shadows and Cliff Richard material along with other music from the early years, once a month for the last five years or so, originally at Ian's home and for the last few years at mine. Ian attended for a while but for a year or so now has been unable to for personal reasons as I understand it, keeping in contact occasionally by email of his situation and always with my concern for him and hope that he would some day be able to return to playing and singing with us, because we need the numbers! I have worked hard over the last few years using Guitar Pro to arrange MIDI files from the Internet to increase the number of backing tracks we have and to provide the music notation for those of us who need it to play more of The Shadows music than was available via UBHank to extend our repertoire and to play the music of other like bands of the era such as The Ventures etc and other music in the style of that era as indeed The Shadows do today or at least whenever they're on a final tour! Meeting in my house and making a lot of my own equipment available for all to play, and with my hand on the remote, it usually fell to me to choose what next to play, after a few hours, a thankless task. There has never been an Adelaide Shadows Club as such. I totally reject that I or anyone else have taken over anything. The few of us who have been playing regularly for all that time are currently having a rest from playing on my suggestion that we should have a think about what we as a few inidviduals want to do regards playing into the future. If/when we get back to playing together, I and I'm sure the others, would be more than happy to welcome anyone along to play, as a band, music of the Shadows, Cliff Richard, their contemporaries, music in the style of that era and even plain old good rock 'n' roll, and if possible they can contact me in Adelaide through this site.

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Re: Well I am here like it or not !!

Postby David Martin » Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:49 am

Ah me... back to the music everyone... :shock:
David M
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