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Re: Freedom of speech

Postby stephen » Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:21 pm

If you scroll up to the top of page 1, you will see that member sixstringsid posted that as he'd been banned from Charlie's site, he would have to keep checking on this site for any updates on the new echo pedal. His comment was both pertinent & relevant to the thread about Charlie's new echo unit. My asking him why he had been banned providing that question didn't summon the site 'thought police' to spring into action and censor my request, was in direct response to sixstringsid. Why on earth would I consider it necessary to start a NEW thread in order to ask a simple question of a remark on an existing one? I'm sorry Peter, but the skewed logic behind this defeats even my understanding of the rules that apply to certain topics commented on by particular members on here..........
By the way, on a completely different 'topic', are you the same Peter to whom I sent a set of tuner buttons from my Squier Marvin some years back?

Re: Freedom of speech

Postby Iain Purdon » Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:32 pm

Enough, Stephen, please. This is getting tedious. You've had your say several times.

I've set out the site's position unequivocally.

Despite that, you now call us 'the thought police' and allege yet again that we fail to apply the same code of conduct to all. That suggests you have paid no attention to anything I have said.

All future contributions to this thread should please not rake over old ground. The aim is to keep the peace around here, not split hairs. Any contribution that will help us all achieve that will be welcome.

Thanks - Iain
Iain Purdon
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Re: Freedom of speech

Postby David Martin » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:13 pm

Sorry not to have been around to help deal with these issues - I am currently recovering from a recent hip replacement operation.

Let me be clear... This is NOT a democracy. Back in the mists of 1998, I drew up the original rules for ShadowMusic and these have been modified over time through experience by a succession of moderators. People who use the site accept those rules as they are, or they go somewhere else. For the complete avoidance of doubt, the purpose of the site is to bring together people who want to play the music of The Shadows and help them to do it. So... Interpersonal fallouts, abuse, sarcastic put downs and so on have no place here. If you indulge in those activities, you can expect your posts to be removed, and if you persist, you can expect to lose your membership.

Equally, freedom of speech is not practised here. You can say what you like provided it meets the requirements you signed up to when you joined. If it does not, then the remedies noted above are available to all members of the moderation team, who have my complete support.

If any members find this unacceptable they should go somewhere else and I will remove them from membership. I will now lock this thread, because this is the bottom line. There is no room for discussion. Anyone who reopens these issues in another thread will have it deleted, and I will remove them from membership.

Let's return to the magic of the music and helping each other enjoy it.
David M
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