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If you run a Shadows Music Club anywhere in the world, please let us know your details so we can publish them on this page. You never know, someone might be visiting your country and could turn up at one of your meetings! If you know of any listing that doesn't fall into that category or if a listing is out of date, please let us know.

By popular, request, here's the section where you can learn about, and publicise, Cliff Richard and Shadows Clubs and fan clubs, around the world! So, if you'd like to have an entry to let people know about your Shadows related activities, or if you'd like to update the link we already have here, then please Email us and we'll enter or modify your details with pleasure.
     ShadowMusic Club Perth, Australia     Dave Dixon's Shadows Archive, UK
     The Sydney Shadows Club, Australia     John Dyhouse: The Shadows as Songwriters
     Sydney Shadows Music     Gillian Gatland's Shads Vids, UK
     Toronto Shadows Club, Canada     Malcolm Campbell's Site, UK
     The Danish Shadows Club, Denmark     Tony Clout's TAB Site, UK
     Official Cliff & Shadows Fan Club, France     The Shadows Tribute Band - Atlantis (Munich)
     Fans des Shadows, France     Fiesta-Red - The "Heidelberg Shadows"
     Shadowmaniacs, France     Fred Bos' Shadows Site, Holland
     Cliff & The Shadows Club, Germany     International Cliff Richard Movement, Holland
     Shadows Music Convention, Germany     The Shadows Appreciation Club of Ireland
     Cliff & The Shadows Club, Holland     The Shadows, Japan
     Shadows Club, Ireland     John Campbell's Penumbra, New Zealand
     Cliff & The Shadows Club, Italy     Gunnar Angelsen's Shadows Site, Norway
     Italian Shadows Community     Jan Arne Flatby's Site, Norway
     Shadows Players Club of Japan     Goran's Backing Tracks, Sweden
     The Shadows Club Of South Africa     The Marvingers Web Site, Sweden
     Shadows Club, Sweden     The Blacksun Web Site, Sweden
     The Swiss Shadows Club, Switzerland     Chai's Thai Twang, Thailand
     Chai's Shadows Club Asia, Thailand     Past Masters Music
     Berkshire Shadows Forum     60+Guitarband
     The Danish Shads     Amanda's Meazzi echoes site
          The Twylight Shadows
          Phil Mcgarrick's Web Site
          Leo's Den Music and Backing Tracks

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